CSC Info

​We proudly announce our Whitewood CSA Subscription. As most of you all know CSA stands for  Community Supported Agriculture. Over the years Heather and I have been jokingly calling this concept "Community Supported Cider" making it CSC. The more recognizable CSA wins out, and I suppose CSA could also stand for Community Supported Artisan.

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About our Community Supported Cider Club

It's finally back... Whitewood Cider Company proudly announce our third season of Community Supported Cider Subscriptions.

From vegetables to chickens, eggs, beef, pork, turkey, you name it; we have been chronic CSA subscribers and small producer supporters ourselves over the years. We've invested pay it forward style for near a decade and we love that it provides an opportunity to smaller producers with sometimes limited resources. To be truthful, we know we get the better of the deal when it comes to product quality. Our CSA has also been a terrific and fun way to involve friends, new and old, family, neighbors, and our extended Puget Sound community during our formative years.

What started as a grand project as a way to help ease some of our first year's fruit expenses continues to do just that helping us develop strong ties to a handful of select Northwest orchards. It is difficult to imagine just what we would have done without this support. Our CSC club is 3 years strong and over the years our member’s have made a positive contribution each year to our ability to produce some of the Northwest’s finest ciders.

2017 CSC Membership Details

Sign up for the third season (we skipped a couple) of our Community Supported Cider or CSC is coming very soon.

Our CSC program is much like a wine club. Members will receive to be determined number of cider releases that can picked up in our new tasting room. Sorry Seattle folks, shipping options not available this year.

For $127.50 +tax members receive:

  • (12) 500 ml bottles delivered as released to TTT (Teeny Tiny Taproom) for pick up
  • (4) pack 12 oz bottles of Red Cap
  • (4) 12 oz bottles Switchel, (2) Summer Switchel and (2) Winter Switchel
  • (1) 9 oz WWC Branded Glass
  • (1) 32 oz WWC Branded Growler
  • 10% off all tasting room pours, growler fills, and bottle purchases.
  • 15% off all WWC merchandise in our tasting room.

*If you live in Olympia our new tasting room discounts will add significant value to the new CSC benefits.

**You may also add optional discounted t-shirts, and sweatshirts. If you are sharing your membership with another you may also add on another growler and glass as desired.

***Sweatshirts are pre-order only items to be available for pick up at a to be determined date.