Our Cider

Summer Switchel Cider

Summer Switchel Cider is back in kegs and Soon limited runs of bottles.

Our Summer Switchel Cider is made with a cider base fermented from WInesap and Jonathan heirloom apples. Akin to a cider shrub it is full flavored, crisp and refreshing, and sweet, sour, and a little spicy all at once, and finishes clean. Best of all at only 5.2% abv you can drink enough Switchel to cool down beat the Summer heat. If you like Cider, Sour Beer, Radlers, Shrub or Shandys you are sure to enjoy our Summer Switchel Cider.

This year we are proud to announce that we produced Summer Switchel Cider in collaboration with Timber City Ginger Beer. We leaned on their ginger sourcing and brewing expertise to help us produce what wen think is the best year of Switchel to date.

Red Cap NW Style Session Cider

A young unapologetically unfiltered yet balanced session cider. A light, crisp, refreshing everyday drinking cider. Expertly blended with genuine Washington grown heirloom and cider variety apples. French oak aged.

No need for occasions or celebrations. This is your go-to everyday cider. An unadulterated fermented apple experience. A session cider with enough complexity, flavor, and is dry enough for the serious cider drinker. Pop the cap, kick back and chillax Northwest style.

Draft only - Bottles Coming Soon

Old Fangled Heirloom Blend


Cider made from 100% Washington grown heirloom apple varieties.  ~ 6.7% ABV

100% heirloom variety blend fermented from Washington grown Jonathan, McIntosh, Gravenstein, and Winesap apples.

Old Fangled is a dry crisp cider with clean citrus flavors ranging from juicy navel orange to clementine and meyer lemon. Ample amounts of heirloom apple acidity are balanced with a touch of sweetness and a bit of champagne-like tannic character finishing with a hint of black pepper spice. 




Out of Production Releases.


Old Fangled Heirloom Blend

Made from 100% traditional cider apple varieties ~ 6.8% ABV

Our Northland Traditional Blend is traditional as it gets. European cider apple varieties blended at the press, fermented through the winter, racked, blended again and matured into early Summer. Lightly back-sweetened for balance and bring out fruitiness. 

Floral spicy sweet nose, with strong characteristics of sweet apple, stone fruit, ripe orange and a tropical fruit acidity and wine-like tannic/bitter notes balanced with a crisp clean finish.



South Sounder


South Puget Sound Grown & Made ~ 6.5% ABV. Made with 100% community grown apples provided by farms and friends of South Puget Sound.

South Sounder is as native to South Puget Sound as it gets. This unique cider experiment is made from 100% locally sourced apples from our friends and farms in and around Olympia and the South Sound.

Our 2013 South Sounder blend exhibits flavors of apricot, green grape, with a tannic bite and bitter spiciness provided by Oly's antique heirloom apple selection, the South Sounder blend finishes clean with a ripe meyer lemon acidity set against a light yet rich fig-like sweetness.



Gravenstein Single Varietal - Limited Release

Old Fangled Series - 2012 Harvest Single Variety Heirloom Cider from Gravenstein apples grown in Washington State. ~ 6.7%

Our Gravenstein Single Varietal is a brilliantly clear pale straw, the aroma is a straight forward very clean citrus. The flavors we are getting are also clean, crisp, and very dry with notes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, under-ripe satsuma oranges, and sharp green apple. There are some similarities to the Old Fangled Blend as "the Grav" contributed heavily to it, however it is different and  we've bottled a good deal drier too.