Imbibe Magazine: A is for Apple

12 hard ciders that score a serious dose of deliciousness.

Sweet. Tart. Sparkling. Still. Styles of hard ciders vary as much as the knobby bittersweet apples from which they’re made, and it’s this versatility that makes them so appealing. Produced in apple-rich regions around the globe—from Spain’s Basque region to the French countryside and from the Pacific Northwest to New England—we’ve assembled a bushel of hard ciders that offer a global perspective on this universally delicious drink.


Whitewood Cider Old Fangled

A mix of Washington-grown heirloom apples flavor this dry cider from newly launched Whitewood. Expect bright citrus flavors balanced by subtle tannins and a kick of black pepper spice. For now distribution is limited to Washington State, but future plans call for extending into other states.


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