A British Invasion Coming to the NW.

I've got an exciting roadtrip ahead of me...

About a year and a half ago and just as we were really starting up the Northwest Cider Association I get this email out of the blue from this photographer guy in England. The guy is Bill Bradshaw of IAMCIDER. He explained to me the he likes cider a lot, he takes pitcures of the stuff and the culture, and was putting together a book project on world cider with this award winning beer writer guy Pete Brown. Well if you know me, and maybe even if you don't, you could guess how excited I was to hear about a project like that.

A sample of Bill's handy work. http://iamcider.blogspot.com/

A sample of Bill's handy work. http://iamcider.blogspot.com/

I started to help Bill get connected with a few folks like Mike Beck from Uncle John's Fruit House Winery who almost immediately made arrangements for a visit to the Great Lakes area and Michigan with a short layover in the Northeast for a few stops. I knew we needed to bring these guys out to the Pacific Northwest too. I brought the idea to NWCA President Sharon Campbell of Tieton Cider Works and she was equally enthused about the idea and after approval from the board she immediately spearheaded the planning of their visit.

We really wanted to bring them to the Northwest during harvest time and during pressing to make the best of the opportunity and give them the best possible experience. Because Eastern Oregon and Washington have such a different growing season than Western Oregon and Washington pinpointing exact dates that showed the best of both sides was difficult too. We decided on early to mid October of 2012.

Bill and Pete arrive soon and I get to be one of our Northwest cider ambassadors and help escort these two gentlemen around our beautiful little corner of the world during what I think is the best time to visit the Northwest. It's gonna be a blast I'm sure. Stay tuned as I'm sure we'll document a pretty good road trip with this guys on NW Cider's website.

Hang with Bill Bradshaw and Pete Brown and your local Cidermakers.

Sharon planned a couple special evenings one in Portland and another in Seattle where Bill and Pete and the Northwest Cider Association members will meet and great and drink some cider. I hear Bill and Pete put on an entertaining performance where they discuss their project and their booze filled globe trotting adventures.

Are you interested in attending one of these events?


If you are in or near Portland come to Spirit of 77 Saturday October 13th at 6pm where you will find our esteemed guests hanging out with Oregon cidermakers and drinking their wares. No cover fee, and cider, eats, and cocktails are all available for purchase.


On Wednesday October 17th the boys arrive in Seattle and will head on over to Central Cinema at 6PM for a repeat performance and Q&A session with Washington cidermakers. Tickets are $20 per person, cider tastes and eats provided.

Visit the Northwest Cider Association's events pages to find out more.