Whitewood Cider Co. is looking for local apples...

What’s happening with the apples falling in your yard or property? 1000’s of pounds of apples go unused and laid waste every year all around South Puget Sound. This is your opportunity to help local apples (and pears) serve a higher purpose and not go to waste.

Whitewood Cider Co. puts our community’s unused apples to good use making handcrafted local ciders. The apples we collect will be crushed, pressed, and blended with many other varieties from around the South Sound and crafted into a hyper-local traditional style craft cidervblend aptly named South Sounder showing off our unique region’s terroir. South Sounder is an exciting project and will no doubt vary from season to season based on the growing conditions and the varieties collected.

What makes for good cider apples?
South Puget Sound is one of Washington’s oldest settled communities and home to a good number of older heritage and heirloom apple and pear varieties, most of are capable of making some terrific ciders and perries. We’ll take all comers but more often than not the best cider apples tend to ripen later in the season and are bitter, astringent with mouth drying tannins and sharp acidity. Often folks consider these types of apples good “cooking” apples or can even be crab apples.

Who contributes to our local craft cider project?
Among the countless friends and neighbors around Olympia the following contributors deserve special recognition; Friendly Grove Farm, Fido’s Farm, The Kelly Ranch. This year we are also in negotiation with others including Helsing Junction in Rochester!


2013 South Sound Apples Contact Form

If you have unwanted apples and pears and think that you would would like to contribute please contact us or if you know someone you know has an abundance of unwanted pome fruit we urge you let them know about our project.

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